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2014 Photography Workshops & Classroom Training Sessions

Last updated 9/19/2014

I teach a number of both field and classroom photography workshops throughout the year.

These are normally taught alongside my colleague Christine Hauber. Together Christine and I offer over 40 years of professional photography experience and absolutely love sharing our knowledge and love for photography with our students.

I am also available for private one-on-one training either in person or online.

2014 Schedule


5th Annual Santa Fe Digital Photography Boot Camp. Part field photography and part digital darkroom training.

 Our 4th Annual Santa Fe Digital Photography Boot Camp. Part field photography and part classroom training. REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!

 “Other than the folks at onOne, I am confident that no one knows more about the actual use of the software.”
(quote from one of our students from a previous class on Perfect Photo Suite)

Fall Foliage in Zion National Park, Utah. A field photography workshop for 8 students.

2nd Annual Fall Foliage in Zion National Park, Utah. A field photography workshop for 8 students. REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!

Our 2nd annual Fall Foliage in Zion National Park, Utah field photography workshop will be held November 7-11, 2014. As of Sept. 19th there are just a few more spaces available.

 “Great job – especially with patience. Some of my/our questions were repeats, but I greatly appreciate your patience and re-education where needed.”

Learn onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 9 during this 2 day crash course class in Scottsdale, AZ Nov. 22-23, 2014


” It made me interested in going even further into photo editing than I had expected it would.”
(quote from one of our students from a previous class)


 “A photography “WOW” experience. No better way to learn about your camera, how to use it, and the ability to apply software for creating “your perfect photo.” Add exceptional and enthusiastic instructions from terrific teachers and the result is a workshop that is hard to beat!”
(quote from one of our students from a previous Santa Fe Boot Camp)


Additional workshops planned:


2013-10-10_16-29-39Half-day workshops of fall foliage in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Santa Fe, NM

Dates: Tentatively scheduled for October 2 &3, and October 8 & 9

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Skill Level: Beginner to slightly intemediate

Class Size: Limited to 4 students each day

Status: Registration will open later this year. If you want to be put on the list of first-notification when registration is available contact me. You will then have the first opportunity to register for this spectacular workshop which will only be open to 4 students.

Highlights: Spend a half-day photographing the changing aspen leaves during morning light in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. These half-day photo workshops are limited to just 4 students each day. During this workshop we will work on light, composition, and lens choice while photographing the tiny details of a single leaf to a wide angle shot of the yellow tree canopy. Perfect for those in town already for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta as Santa Fe is just a 1 hour drive from there.



Most of our workshops include a maximum of 8 students or less. Our students love small class sizes because it guarantees more one-on-one time with both of us throughout the workshop. Where you could get “lost in the crowd” at larger workshops with only one main instructor and possibly an assistant, Christine and I both provide you with the learning environment that only 2 full-time professional photographers who have been doing this for a long time could offer.

Our students range from beginners with point-and-shoot cameras to more advanced photographers with “all the gear”. We teach the basics like shutter speeds, apertures, ISO’s, histograms and depth of field. The study of light, composition and timing is emphasized.

And we teach advanced photography techniques such as multiple exposure HDR photography, stitching, texture blending, layer masks, composite photography, and more.

As fine art photographers, we emphasize personal style and artistic expression. As artists, our creativity is not limited to what a cold, mechanical device such as a camera can see. Creativity begins when we photograph the scene with great light and composition, and creativity continues with how we enhance our photographs in post production using specialized photography software such as Capture One Pro, Perfect Photo Suite, and Nik Software.

I am also available for private instruction for those who prefer complete one-on-one time or can not make one of the other scheduled workshops. Private instruction can range from topics such as marketing, website and social media, art festivals, in addition to field and classroom photography instruction.

You can read about our workshop policies and F.A.Q’s here.


A slideshow of photos from some of our workshops:

Sep 29 201...
Sep 29 201...
Nov 09 201...
Nov 09 201...

About Matt Suess:

matt_200pxMatt began his professional photography career while in college in 1990 and for the next 17 years worked as an award-winning photojournalist and winner of the 2003 New England Press Associations’ Photographer of the Year Award. His editorial and advertising photography has been published worldwide in newspapers, magazines, books, and more.
Matt is a digital photography pioneer who began working with digital imaging in the early 1990′s and helped implement and teach digital image processing to fellow newspaper staff photographers in the late 90′s and early 2000′s.
In 2006 Matt left behind his photojournalism career and ever since he has been a full-time artist selling his artwork at some of the best juried fine art festivals throughout the Southwest, with collectors worldwide.
With his vast experience in photography it is no surprise that Matt loves teaching. Due to the demands of being a full-time artist constantly traveling, he is only able to teach a small number of workshops each year. You can view his upcoming workshop schedule here.
For more about Matt you can visit here.
About Christine Hauber:
christine_200pxChristine began her professional photography career in 1993. A graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado and the University of Colorado, her photographs have been shown in galleries nationally and showcased in B&W and Photo Technique Magazine.
The author of the book Working in the USA, Christine has been the subject of several television programs, including the Fine Living Channel’s Radical Sabbatical and CNN’s NewsNight with Aaron Brown and interviewed for such internet and podcast programs as the Candid Frame and Photo Talk Radio.
She has conducted national lectures, seminars and workshops in addition to teaching photography at a community college. Since she now travels extensively selling her artwork, she is able to conduct a small number of workshops each year.
Christine began selling her artwork as a full-time artist in 2004. She has taken her photography into the realm of mixed media, creating one-of-a-kind pieces combining patinaed or oil painted metals with her photographs. Her work is now collected internationally.  Her website is

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